Today’s story pitch is a short one. This is a comic book series I was going to pitch to CrossGen comics in Tampa before they went under. Unlike the other stories, I have no idea what happens to any of these characters after this. It wouldn’t surprise me if that means people like it more, that’s usually how these things go.

What does it mean when everything you know is true, but the reasons behind these truths are lies? This is the question asked in 116. Our hero, Leese, is an unassuming 16 year old who suddenly discovers that she is the subject of terrible genetic testing.

Lesse’s brother, herself, and 198 others were modified while still in the womb with an organic chip set. This chip-set grows in the brain, and ‘hot wires’ different sections in different ways. When the connection is ready it gives the children unusual abilities.

Once her abilities start to show she is tagged for retrieval by the people who she once considered family. She escapes from this but only because of the scarifies of her father, a doctor on the project.

Leese’s sets out to find answers behind her powers but it is not easy. She must leave what she thought was her friends behind and survive only on the cash she was able to grab on the way out. This is a dangerous world for an attractive teenaged girl, and for the meek Leese she must keep her wits about her more then she ever thought possible.

It does not take her long to find allies however. In the second issue, while searching for her brother, she discovers another girl designated child 120. She seems to be the only one in her town to be able to see the daemons living in the place. That is until Leese shows up.

Together they discover the threat for what it really is, and set off together to find the answers both of them are after.